Crypto Media & X Shaped 2023’s Market Trends – Expect a Repeat in 2024

Crypto Media and Crypto ‘X’ (formerly Twitter) dictate market trends more than we like to think. The crypto market continued its bearish trend in 2023, in part, due to the negative traditional and social media sentiment surrounding it. This year, while crypto and Web3 projects were hunkering down on development and waiting for more favorable […]

2023: The year Comms Plans had to Pivot

2023 was the year of recovery and healing for the Web3 and crypto industry, which suffered the collapses of FTX, Celsius and Terra, Luna. We saw trials, feuds, lawsuits, rumours, exploits, hacks, fines, and everything in between — here’s my non-exhaustive list of key things that happened for crypto in 2023:  TLDR for 2023 in […]

Chateau de YAP 2023: Building up the Next Generation of Web3 PR Leaders

The crypto industry has had a wild ride in the past year. It has seen both incredible highs and devastating lows. After surviving a difficult bear market, it was time to celebrate by organising YAP Global’s second official offsite. In July 2023, our team members from London, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Cape Town, Johannesburg, San Francisco, […]

2022 Year in Review: Grit in the midst of chaos

I hope everyone in the crypto industry is taking a well-deserved and much-needed break in the final weeks of 2022. This year was one of the most tumultuous years the crypto and DeFi industry has ever seen. In this crypto wave, the highs are very high but the crashes are equally intense too.   Here’s a […]

Reflections on YAP Global’s Offsite 2022

In April 2022, YAP Global hosted its first-ever in-person offsite in Barcelona to unite the team. It was no small feat getting 22 team members from San Francisco, Cape Town, Melbourne, Seattle, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and London to a Spanish Villa, but it was so worth it. Once Asia’s borders opened up I felt it […]

Introducing the Story of Money by YAP Cast

Hi, I’m Samantha Yap, and I like to identify as a journalist at heart. I’m a storyteller and I like to document things. This sets the premise for why I decided to create YAP Cast, presented by YAP Global, and kick it off with the series on the Story of Money. I’m the founder of […]

4 Best Tips on Remote Business Building and Networking: YAP Global Explains

Networking, pitching for business and employee interaction are all integral parts of any agency in the media landscape and can be difficult to replicate in a remote environment. Luckily YAP Global was already functioning successfully in a remote-working model.

Here’s how to navigate the loss of face-to-face networking, business pitching and media collaboration from afar.

George Harrap, Former CEO of Bitspark, joins YAP Global as ‘Head of DeFi’

George brings a wealth of experience having built the first crypto remittance startup in the world, Bitspark; 6 cryptocurrency exchanges both centralised and decentralised; launched 12 stablecoins; raising millions from VC and corporate investors along the way. With the media spotlight back on the crypto industry, growing institutional interest in Bitcoin as an asset class