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S1E8 YAP Cast: The Need for Debt

The Need For Debt What is debt and how does it fit into the broader financial markets? And more importantly, why would someone want to get into debt? In our latest episode on YAP Cast, we turn our attention to

YAP Cast

S1E7 YAP Cast: The Art of Borrowing and Lending Money

The Art of Borrowing and Lending Money Should banks lend to people knowing they may struggle to repay the money back? Should interest be charged? And how can decentralised lending solve the issue of bringing equality of money back to

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S1E6 YAP Cast: Money as a Social Construct

Money as a Social Construct How much does money play a role in impacting our social lives today? And is it an abstract thing or something functional that many prefer not talking about? In our latest episode on YAP Cast,

YAP Cast

S1E5 YAP Cast: Why Does Money Lose Value Over Time?

What is inflation and is it truly bad if it increases our salaries or improves the value of our investments? We’ll be continuing our discussion with Sam Kazemian, the founder of Frax Finance, the world’s first fractional algorithmically-stabilized stablecoin and the only of its kind to maintain its peg.

YAP Cast

S1E4 YAP Cast: How Do We Measure Money?

In this episode on ‘How do we measure money?’ Samantha Yap is joined by Sam Kazemian, the founder of Frax Finance as they put explore how the new types of currencies emerging affect fiat currencies?

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Meet The Yappers: Joe Langsworthy, Account Executive

What does a day in the life of an Account Executive at YAP Global look like? What do you love about working in PR and communications, especially in such a fast-paced, constantly evolving industry? London based Account Executive Joe Langsworthy shares his insights in our first blog post of #MeetTheYappers

YAP Cast

S1E3 YAP Cast: Where Does Money Come From?

In this episode on ‘Where does money come from’ Samantha Yap is joined by Dr Cathy Mulligan, Professor at Instituto Superior Técnico and Director of DCentral Lab turn their ‌attention‌ ‌to‌ ‌where‌ ‌money‌ ‌comes‌ ‌from‌ ‌and‌ ‌who‌ ‌decides‌ ‌what‌ ‌it‌ ‌is.

YAP Cast

S1E2 YAP Cast: Reinventing Money

In this episode on ‘Reinventing Money’ Samantha Yap is joined by George Harrap, Co-Founder and Head of DeFi at YAP Global where they discuss what it means to reinvent money and how money could one day be replaced by digital currencies such as Bitcoin.

YAP Cast

S1E1 YAP Cast: What is Money?

In this episode on “What is Money?” Samantha Yap is joined by George Harrap, Co-Founder and Head of DeFi at YAP Global where they the touch on different forms of money, issues of trust and accountability with our money, differences in the perceived value of money, and the difficulties that can arise from trying to get our hands on our money when we need it.

YAP Cast

Introducing the Story of Money by YAP Cast

Hi, I’m Samantha Yap, and I like to identify as a journalist at heart. I’m a storyteller and I like to document things. This sets the premise for why I decided to create YAP Cast, presented by YAP Global, and


It’s a wrap! – Day three with YAP Global at EthCC[4]

In what has been a ceaseless week of connecting, networking, educating and maybe some partying, we say au revoir to Paris and leave with suitcases not only crammed with merchandise from the conference but our mental luggage filled with cherished memories from our interactions with the most exciting projects in DeFi and Ethereum.

EthCC Community Conference 2021

EthCC [4] is happening in July! The reunion in Paris we need

EthCC is the biggest yearly European Ethereum conference, an event by the community, for the community. The conference brings together influential movers & shakers, with crypto leaders unpacking a range of topics related to the Ethereum ecosystem.

Eden Block
Case Studies

Case Study: Sharing the Story of Eden Block Globally

At YAP Global, we are passionate about helping our clients get their story covered across niche blockchain, mainstream tech and finance media across the world. Here’s how we helped VC-firm Eden Block’s get their angle presented.

YAP Explainers

4 Best Tips on Remote Business Building and Networking: YAP Global Explains

Networking, pitching for business and employee interaction are all integral parts of any agency in the media landscape and can be difficult to replicate in a remote environment. Luckily YAP Global was already functioning successfully in a remote-working model.

Here’s how to navigate the loss of face-to-face networking, business pitching and media collaboration from afar.

YAP News

George Harrap, Former CEO of Bitspark, joins YAP Global as ‘Head of DeFi’

George brings a wealth of experience having built the first crypto remittance startup in the world, Bitspark; 6 cryptocurrency exchanges both centralised and decentralised; launched 12 stablecoins; raising millions from VC and corporate investors along the way. With the media spotlight back on the crypto industry, growing institutional interest in Bitcoin as an asset class

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