Crypto Noise: How PR Makes the Difference

We’ve all seen the headlines—the crypto industry is portrayed as either the future of everything or a concept met with scepticism. 

So how do you get people to see the true potential of your project amidst all the noise? At YAP Global we believe that it’s all about building trust, and that’s where PR can help.

Bridges the Knowledge Gap

Your PR team shouldn’t just understand crypto; they should be expert translators. Think of them as the bridge between your complex tech and an audience who has not heard about it. 

A good PR partner makes sure credible journalists (and your key audiences) understand the “why” behind your project. This means clearing up any doubts or confusion and turning technical jargon into real-world benefits that people can relate to.

At YAP Global, we stay ahead of the curve. Our blog series “On The Record” interviews journalists to keep our finger on the pulse of the crypto media landscape. You can read all of them here.

We also believe in educating the public about the potential of blockchain technology, so we cover the latest news in crypto through our weekly newsletter, The Context.

Humanises the Technology

Crypto can feel abstract and disconnected from the real world. But good PR can help: it puts a face to the technology. By sharing the stories of passionate founders and communities, while highlighting their motivations for building solutions, we make projects feel real. We show people how crypto solves everyday problems, making it tangible and relatable.

Think of brands like ENS, they’re on a mission to make the web more accessible and decentralised. They saw the complexity of traditional blockchain addresses and wanted to create a human-readable alternative – turning long strings of numbers and letters into simple ‘.eth’ names. PR helped highlight this journey and the real-world impact it has on people navigating the world of Web3. *ENS is a client of YAP Global

Builds Brand Legitimacy

Blockchain and crypto are still new concepts for many people. Good PR strategies position your project as reliable and trustworthy, setting you apart in a market that tends to be very noisy. This could mean getting featured in respected publications, announcing partnerships with well-known brands, or using solid numbers and case studies to show how awesome your project is.

PR can also play a key role in reputation management. Proactively addressing potential concerns, being transparent during setbacks, and owning your narrative helps foster a sense of accountability and trust. In a space where scams and rug-pulls can sadly happen, demonstrating integrity and a long-term vision is essential for building a brand that people genuinely believe in.


The crypto world never sleeps, and your PR strategy shouldn’t either. Look for a diverse team that speaks crypto like a second language and can tailor your story for different global audiences. This isn’t just about translating words, but about understanding the cultural nuances (We’re always on X to look out for trends) that shape how your project is seen around the world.

At YAP Global, being part of this crypto revolution is what drives us. If you’re ready to build a brand people trust, let’s chat.

Key Takeaways

How PR Makes the Difference

  • Bridging the Knowledge Gap: Makes your project accessible and understandable.
  • Humanising the Technology: Shows the passion and real-world impact behind it.

Building Brand Legitimacy: Establishes your project as a trustworthy leader in the space.

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