Crypto Thaw Hits Denver: Our Key Takeaways from ETHDenver 2024

ETHDenver 2024 was an incredible celebration of innovation, big ideas, and wonderful community energy. As the official PR partner for ETHDenver, we had front-row seats to all the action. Wondering what the future of Web3 looks like? Here’s our recap of the event, how we helped tell its story and the key themes that set the conference alight.

ETHDenver: What you need to know

ETHDenver 2024 is the largest annual crypto conference focused on the Ethereum ecosystem. Since 2018, it has provided a platform for developers, researchers, industry leaders, and enthusiasts to exchange ideas, and collaborate. With speakers like Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr, US SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce, Governor of Colorado Jared Polis, and representatives from crypto giants like Consensys, A16Z, and ENS, ETHDenver continues to solidify its status as a top-tier conference.

And this year’s one is their best one yet. Here’s why this year’s ETHDenver was one for the books:

  • 20K+ attendees from 120+ countries 👥
  • 450+ side events 🎉
  • 10,920 hours of ETHDenver talks watched (equivalent to 1 year and 3 months) 🎥
  • 125,000 ETHDenver mentions across social media 💬
  • 500+ BUIDLathon submissions 🔧 (An event where #BUIDLers from around the world come together to solve problems and pitch their ideas to the community)
  • 92 journalists who attended from 52 publications 📰

Leading ETHDenver’s Web3 Media Narrative

As ETHDenver 2024‘s official PR partner, we bridged the gap between the crypto industry and the public.

The mission? To amplify the voices, breakthroughs, and discussions emerging from ETHDenver. We managed press interactions, provided support at the press lounge, connected founders with journalists, and made sure the world knew what was happening in the heart of Denver. We even had our very own Saad Qureshi sharing Web3 communication tips and Debra Nita leading a panel on the state of Web3 around the world.

In the spirit of building and strengthening meaningful relationships, we hosted a dinner with some of our clients, friends, and journalists.

3 Key Themes from ETHDenver 2024

ETHDenver 2024 was a hotbed of conversations around the biggest themes in Web3. Here’s a deeper dive into the 3 crucial themes we noticed :

1. Regulation and Web3’s Future

Crypto regulation is a dynamic and complex arena. Industry experts and government voices like SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce weighed in. “Our goal at the SEC isn’t to necessarily get comfortable with crypto,” Peirce stressed, “Our job is to figure out where the securities laws are implicated…and then let people make their own decisions.”

Michele Korver (a16z crypto) highlighted key concerns: “The regulators and law enforcement are focused on illicit finance… and with the market regulators, they are interested in the aftermath of FTX, in consumer protection, protection against fraud, and fair playing fields.”

2. Privacy, Sovereignty, and Decentralization

The promise of greater privacy and individual control was a major talking point. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Caitlin Long‘s fireside chat painted a compelling picture: “Cryptocurrencies are the best hedge against inflation… I would say the federal government is making war on cryptocurrencies… As President, I’m going to make this country the hub of cryptocurrency, blockchain innovation and stablecoin innovation.”

Ari Juels (Chainlink Labs) added a note of caution: “The Oracle is a cautionary tale about the future of blockchains and AI…because if you can control money, you can impact the tangible world in ways good and bad.”

The potential for collaborative, tokenized creative economies was another aspect of the decentralized future discussed. Chris Dixon, Founder & Managing Partner at a16z crypto, put forth a vision where AI drives down creation costs, making way for new models like “creative storytelling” where contributors are rewarded for their participation in expanding story worlds.

“This is the idea of a bunch of people getting together and collaboratively creating the next Harry Potter or Star Wars, or universe, and getting rewarded for their contributions with tokens and having the incentive to go out and evangelize and contribute and build out and fork”

3. The Future of DeFi

DeFi’s potential to reshape finance was in the spotlight. A panel featuring  Sam MacPherson (Phoenix Labs), Paul Frambot (Morpho Labs), and Devin Walsh (Uniswap Foundation), delved into the evolution of apps and infrastructure.

Paul Frambot said, “It’s important to start separating the protocol from the app and product… Then you can build specialized products that reach parity with Web2 while benefiting from aggregated states that are stronger than the Web2 financial world.”

Til Next Time

Thank you for a wonderful ETHDenver 2024! It was a whirlwind of inspiration, and we can’t wait for the next one. A shoutout to our tireless team for making ETHDenver’s media presence shine.

Need help telling your crypto story? We’ve partnered with conferences like BUIDLAsia, EthCC, and Cosmoverse. Reach out to us at YAP Global – let’s amplify your message. Contact us here.

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