Decoding Gen Z

Crypto can feel like its own language at times. I’m only 25 and still qualify as Gen Z, but I feel like I aged overnight trying to decipher crypto Twitter. Everyone’s throwing out acronyms and slang terms, and I’m just left wondering what planet I’m on. But hey, social media is where most of the crypto buzz happens, so being left out of the conversation isn’t exactly ideal.

To address this, I have compiled a list of popular Genz terms to navigate crypto Twitter like a pro. Let’s get started!

No Cap: Means “no lie” or “for real”

E.g., We’re committed to building a secure and transparent future for finance. No Cap.

Salty: Feeling upset, bitter, or jealous, often about something perceived as unimportant or minor (This can be used as a playful jab about someone’s annoyance)

E.g., Salty? Don’t sweat the dips, stay bullish!

GOAT: Acronym for “Greatest of all time”

E.g., Our goal? To become the GOAT of blockchain security solutions.

Ate and left no crumbs: This means someone did something exceptionally well

E.g., Our dev team ATE and left no crumbs with this new update.

Went off: Someone delivering an exceptional performance or said something powerful

E.g., He absolutely went off at our crypto conference!

Built different: Someone who is unique or extraordinary

E.g., Our [Project name] is built different!

Big facts: Stating an undeniable truth

E.g., Big facts: Blockchain tech has the potential to revolutionise the way we interact with money.

Slaps: Used to describe how exceptional something is

E.g., That actually slaps. I was already considering jumping in, but this seals the deal.

Once you feel comfortable with these terms, try incorporating them into your conversations. Remember that much like Crypto, Gen Z terms constantly evolve, and this guide serves as just a foundation. Don’t be afraid to experiment and observe how others interact. With some practice, you’ll be a Gen Z master in no time!

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