DeFi degens, Anon mods, and a Global PR team – Day one with YAP Global at EthCC[4]

A lot has changed in 502 days. That was when the Ethereum community was last united at EthCC[3] in March of 2020. But after over a year of burdensome compromises to our contemporary lives, we can finally connect with one another once more in glorious metropolitan Paris. 

A vibrant energy cocooned the Maison de la Mutualité as EthCC welcomed a plethora of individuals from all backgrounds, projects and industries – many of whom were finally able to meet in person after months and in some cases years of communicating entirely through digital mediums. It was a reunion like never before and after such a long hiatus it was all the sweeter to see the handshakes, hugs and smiles of attendees who were able to connect with friends old and new.

#ETHCC[4] is LIVE 🎉

— EthCC – Ethereum Community Conference (@EthCC) July 20, 2021

A raucous applause filled the theatre as Ethereum France president Jerome de Tychey addressed the conference on the main stage with affable optimism, which reflected the collective mood of the attendees. A fun week of networking and learning lay ahead and the enthusiasm from the conference guests was sustained throughout the day as we explored the venue and educated ourselves on the most exciting Ethereum projects in the space. 

Ethereum itself has been pretty busy since the last EthCC conference. At the time of EthCC[3], the price of Eth was hovering around the $125 mark, whereas the digital currency now sits proud at over $1700 per token. To witness Eth soaring to an unprecedented all-time high of over $4000 in May 2021 is a real example of the growth potential in this space and at the forefront of this significant maturation are the developers and entrepreneurs that are bringing crypto into the mainstream.

Another added benefit to this year’s conference not previously available is the introduction of virtual talks. All speeches throughout the duration of the conference will be live streamed on the EthCC YouTube and website and available to re-watch whenever.  This is especially crucial in the current climate with travel uncertainties and COVID discretions so those who were unable to attend in person can still enjoy the speeches and learn more about the great projects in the space.

But aside from all the twists and turns of the past year in crypto, EthCC[4] feels like something of a new dawn. It’s a chance to look to the future and remind ourselves of all that we’ve had to sacrifice this past year and enjoy the progress that the community has made. It’s a celebration of not just the incredible Ethereum projects that are changing the way we view finance, but also of a long overdue reunion and a chance to reconnect with each other again in a beautiful location.

Be sure to come and visit our YAP Global booth on the fifth floor or grab us for a chat over a glass of fizz at one of the many incredible evening events. We’ve got plenty of t-shirts to give away, or alternatively you can ask us how we can make a difference to your project and get your story heard. 

Bon journée, EthCC. See you all bright and early tomorrow.

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