George Harrap, Former CEO of Bitspark, joins YAP Global as ‘Head of DeFi’

We are beyond excited to share that George Harrap, Former CEO of Bitspark and veteran crypto entrepreneur is joining YAP Global as Head of DeFi (Decentralised Finance) to bridge the knowledge gap between traditional financial media and emerging DeFi projects in the space 

George brings a wealth of experience having built the first crypto remittance startup in the world, Bitspark; 6 cryptocurrency exchanges both centralised and decentralised; launched 12 stablecoins; raising millions from VC and corporate investors along the way. 

With the media spotlight back on the crypto industry, growing institutional interest in Bitcoin as an asset class and the explosive growth of the DeFi industry, now approaching $30B in total value locked, having a Head of DeFi is a natural next step for YAP Global as a specialised PR agency. 

Reflecting on his new position, George told me ,“DeFi this past year has got me as excited as when I mined my first bitcoin 10 years ago. It has that potential to be truly game-changing beyond just crypto being money – crypto is finance.”

George does a brilliant job at breaking down technical projects into easy-to-understand explanations. We’re thrilled to have one of the key educators not just in blockchain and cryptocurrencies but now of decentralised finance.

“Strategic and high-quality communication of DeFi is crucial if this industry is to succeed – I’m excited to be assisting the YAP Global team as they onboard new top tier clients and grow a strong focus in the DeFi space,” shared George. 

The YAP team is made up of experienced communications and journalism professionals based around the world in London, Berlin, Washington DC, Paris and Melbourne. 

DeFi projects need a PR team that will take time to truly understand their project in order to tell trustworthy, impactful and meaningful stories, and that is what we excel at, at YAP Global. 

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