It’s a wrap! – Day three with YAP Global at EthCC[4]

So there we have it; we’ve arrived at the conclusion of EthCC[4] in one piece (just about). In what has been a ceaseless week of connecting, networking, educating and maybe some partying, we say au revoir to Paris and leave with suitcases not only crammed with merchandise from the conference but our mental luggage filled with cherished memories from our interactions with the most exciting projects in DeFi and Ethereum.

Despite a few sore heads this morning after rAave – one of the most coveted side events of the week, most of the attendees emerged from their respective hotel rooms by midday and congregated in and around the Maison de la Mutualité to debrief on what has been a whirlwind week. As has been the case for the previous four days, the weather didn’t disappoint as many guests had the chance to enjoy the glorious sunshine over lunchtime as they flocked to nearby cafes for some al fresco refreshment.

The relaxed vibe of the day was admittedly welcomed and with that presented an opportunity to appropriately reflect on the events of the past week. While the YAP team continued to work tirelessly connecting journalists with the notable figures in the community alongside promoting the event and launching YAP DAO, we were able to fondly reminisce about all the incredible new contacts we’d acquired, the crazy rooftop parties we’d attended and the fascinating guest speakers we’d listened to and learnt from. 

By the afternoon, a bustling energy had been injected back into the event as media scrambled to secure their final interviews and file stories before the close of play. But one notable sight was that each and every person present in the venue regardless of their business at EthCC had a smile stretched across their face; a warming, infectious one it seems.

A real highlight for the YAP team from the final day was our very own account director Martyna Borys and senior account executive Mia Grodsky being interviewed by DoinGud on female representation within the crypto industry. It’s been refreshing meeting and conversing with such ambitious women during EthCC who are working with some fantastic projects and to have our own PR powerhouses contribute to the discourse and promote gender equality in the space was brilliant to see.

The closing ceremony hurried around where founder and president of Ethereum France Jerome de Tychey expressed his final sentiment of the conference. 

Bon journée, EthCC[4]. Until next time!

The YAP Global team x

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