Meet the Yappers: Leila Stein, Senior Account Executive

Bringing over four years of tech, crypto and blockchain journalism experience to her role as a Senior Account Executive, Leila is now focused on helping web3 infrastructure projects define themselves within the larger crypto narrative, including Biconomy, KYVE Network, Boba Network and more. Find out more about Leila in our fifth #MeetTheYappers blog post.

What does a day in the life of a Senior Account Executive at YAP Global look like? 

Since Web3 is 24/7, I generally start my day by already catching up. I catch up with any news that has happened while my part of the world was sleeping and what I’ve missed in terms of handovers from my colleagues in different countries.
Once I feel like I have a handle on what is going on, it’s all about getting a concise list down and working methodically through it. Normally I start with the simple tasks and work my way up to things that require a bit more strategic thinking, letting my brain warm-up. 

Of course, no day goes entirely as planned and this precise list is often punctuated by new opportunities, urgent items that come up from clients or side quests to help out fellow Yappers with their tasks. Client calls also take up a big part of the start of the week, making sure everyone is on the same page and aligned on our collective goals. 

What is your favourite part of being in this industry/in this role?

My favourite part is innovation. Working in crypto feels like being at the centre of everything new and exciting that’s happening, feeling like you have the inside track on the future. The space moves fast, and being involved, even from a PR level and not a technical one, is rewarding and interesting. 

YAP Global has been operating through remote working since before the pandemic and the team is spread globally. How do you manage your daily schedule to communicate with the team and clients? 

Time management is key, so keeping a list of action items to complete in a day with the most important/ urgent highlighted is my go-to way to keep on top of things. It’s also important to message your teammates the minute you think of something you need to say to them. In an in-office setting, you would just lean over and ask but because you aren’t right there it’s important to keep up communication before you forget.

What personal qualities would you say are important to be a good fit for the YAP family? 

Collaboration, kindness and a need to keep smashing goals. YAP is all about breaking the next boundary so this is key for those who want to help with this mission. 

What do you love about working in PR and communications, especially in such a fast-paced, constantly evolving industry? 

I love the people, there is no community in the world like those in crypto and getting to work with incredible founders, creators and builders while contributing my own skills to better get their messages across is incredibly fulfilling. 

How do you keep your pulse on what’s going on in the blockchain/crypto space given it moves at a lightning speed? n expert in the field(blockchain, crypto market)

It has to be crypto Twitter. Nothing worth talking about doesn’t come out on Twitter first. 

Any tips for those looking to work in PR and communications for emerging tech projects? 

I think the best move is to get involved in the community broadly and find out how exactly PR works in this space. This isn’t your standard PR and the clients are not always as straightforward as a company wanting to get some press coverage.

Twitter is where you’ll find the community. Follow projects, founders, community members, community leads, journalists, freelancers, researchers and of course crypto PR degens. From there, reaching out to those already working in PR and communications is a great way to get your questions answered and really find out if this is for you – we are all pretty friendly so find those open DM’s and go for it. 

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