“Crypto space is changing business models, how we express ourselves, and our relationships with products in general” – On the Record with Cigdem Oztabak, CNNTurk

Welcome to ‘On The Record’ with YAP Global – a series where we speak to the journalists behind the stories that keep you up-to-date on the pulse of the digital asset, DeFi, blockchain and cryptocurrency industry Cigdem is no stranger to the world of marketing, communications or journalism after working in the industry for almost […]

YAP Cast S2E3: Why Should Money Be Private? With Will Harborne, RhinoFi

When you think of financial privacy: you think of your investments, accounts, and other crucial details maintaining their secrecy. Ordinarily, people assume that banks & allied entities will protect their privacy and money.  While you don’t often like to tell your parents how much/little money is in your bank account, governments and companies can find […]

YAP Cast S2E2: Financial Contracts With Hart Lambur, UMA

When you think of a contract, you think of signing a document symbolising an agreement. A contract written by lawyers and enforced by courts. Essentially, contracts are about each party agreeing to do something and what pain one will inflict on the other to punish them if they break that contract. But is there a […]