4 Best Tips on Remote Business Building and Networking: YAP Global Explains

Networking, pitching for business and employee interaction are all integral parts of any agency in the media landscape and can be difficult to replicate in a remote environment. Luckily YAP Global was already functioning successfully in a remote-working model.

Here’s how to navigate the loss of face-to-face networking, business pitching and media collaboration from afar.

George Harrap, Former CEO of Bitspark, joins YAP Global as ‘Head of DeFi’

George brings a wealth of experience having built the first crypto remittance startup in the world, Bitspark; 6 cryptocurrency exchanges both centralised and decentralised; launched 12 stablecoins; raising millions from VC and corporate investors along the way. With the media spotlight back on the crypto industry, growing institutional interest in Bitcoin as an asset class