PR for when crypto’s main event of the year goes virtual in 2020

We are excited to share a look at how YAP Global saw the opportunity, not the limitations when crypto’s biggest conference went virtual.

CoinDesk’s Consensus is the major calendar event of the year where the global cryptocurrency and blockchain community get to gather together and discuss the most important issues around the future of finance in New York.

Then a global pandemic hit and all of sudden everyone’s 2020 plans to launch PR or throw an exclusive party during New York Blockchain Week had to be reevaluated.
While it may feel like a real bummer, it is important to remember that in times of adversity, there’s always an opportunity to be innovative.

With CoinDesk taking Consensus virtual with Consensus: Distributed on 11–15 May 2020, YAP Global recognises that there’s an opportunity here for blockchain and cryptocurrency leaders to capture the attention span of thousands of participants who may not have been able to book a flight to New York. Instead, more people than ever before can get involved across the world.

Now’s your chance to speak to your Global Audience

Virtual events can generate even more value than live events due to the ability to extend their reach to a wider audience and across borders.

Last year, Consensus gathered around 8,000 attendees in New York. Consensus: Distributed this year features a 24-hour live broadcast that spans across time zones so regions such as Asia, the Middle East and Africa can tune in too.

This is already bringing in more viewers or attendees than 8,000 and boost CoinDesk’s engagement with the global blockchain and cryptocurrency community.

But what about networking? Networking is a key component of what brings people from across the globe to CoinDesk’s major event.

That’s why CoinDesk is partnering with AI-powered networking event platform, Brella as the live stream takes place. With networking opportunities made easier via artificial intelligence, it’s the perfect time to connect with the right people for your brand and position your media messaging for a global audience.

Brella co-founder Ville Vanhala has regarded Consensus: Distributed as one of the first large-scale virtual events in the world. If your company has a PR announcement to make then you can ensure your media messaging will resonate with your target audiences by connecting with the right people across varying industries and regions. In a time where networking seems more difficult, being innovative like this means you can be more strategic, and in the comfort of your own home too.

Maximise your airtime

To the speakers and sponsors who will be featured on Consensus: Distributed’s ‘shows’ and sessions, make the most of your airtime.

You know that announcement you were planning to make on the mainstage during the conference? Do it while on air during the live stream.

Media from around the world will be tuning in and if they miss your talk it will all be captured in recordings.

Even if you don’t have an announcement to make, the media are hungry for commentary on the future of finance amidst this global pandemic.

Come prepared with key messages that you want to get across. If you’re taking part in a panel discussion with 3 to 4 other panellists then you only have a few minutes to get your message across so make it count.

Engage with journalists across borders

The exciting thing about a conference going virtual is that journalists may get more access to speakers than they otherwise wouldn’t have if it was still a physical event.

To reporters who could not get budget approval from their editors to travel to New York to cover the upcoming trends in the digital asset world at Consensus, you’re not missing out anymore!

All the action and the keynote talks are all accessible via live stream now and you’ll get to hear the talks first hand when the world hears it first too.

As the PR partners of Consensus: Distributed we have been exploring and connecting with people on Brella events match-making platform.

You can seamlessly connect with anyone attending the conference and request a meeting with them.
If you’ve got a good story in mind and want to interview someone from the Consensus: Distributed speaker list, feel free to reach out to the YAP Global team.

It’s exciting to watch CoinDesk fulfil its mission of connecting the crypto and blockchain community around the world even during COVID19.

This virtual event just might generate as much or even greater PR value than the live events.

We’ll have to wait to find out.

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