Rooftop parties, a groundbreaking new communications DAO & Vitalik Buterin – Day two with YAP Global at EthCC[4]

It’s hard to believe that the second day of EthCC[4] could be even more action packed than the first, but today the conference delivered yet another fantastic instalment of guest speakers and networking opportunities under the beautiful Parisien summer sun. 

Upon the conclusion of day one at EthCC, a vibrant nocturnal spirit encaptured the French capital as attendees of the conference hit the town to network with each other at bars, nightclubs and parties. With the social lubrication of alcohol, those in the Ethereum community conversed and danced quite literally until dawn at some of the most spectacular venues in the world.

For many, this was the first time in almost 18 months that they could loosen up with some dance floor therapy with friends old and new and with events such as Aave’s ‘Raave’ this evening and the official EthCC closing party on Thursday, the rest of the week promises to be equally as animated.  

Today EthCC also welcomed Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin to the stage for a fascinating discussion on things that matter outside of DeFi – a talk that attracted a spectacular crowd of disciples desperate to hear insights from the great leader himself. Buterin’s understated yet charming disposition sustained the attention of the attendees who rushed to cheer and applaud the speech.

.@VitalikButerin on why Social Media and how we need to improve the way we communicate. @EthCC

— Samantha Yap 叶 (@samanthawyap) July 21, 2021

The discussion really captured the true beauty of decentralised finance and the part Ethereum plays in the wider ecosystem. Buterin really emulates a messiah-like figure and his palpable passion for creating a better financial world is truly captivating. It’s inspiring to witness first hand his impact on the community and the energy that simply his presence in the venue created was incredible.

Everyone I met in #ethcc has been wonderful, never been so excited to be part of the Ethereum community as I am today and I will never stop building on Ethereum 💖

— Cashmere simp 🌊🐬 👻 =(⬤_⬤)= 👻 🦇🔊 (@StaniKulechov) July 20, 2021

And finally, YAP DAO was finally launched after months of planning as CEO and founder of YAP Global Samantha Yap unveiled the exciting new project during her talk on building trust and credibility within the crypto industry. By providing a community that aims to connect communications and marketing professionals with rising projects in DeFi, the opportunities and potential for growth are truly unprecedented. 

If you’re interested in joining the YAP DAO community telegram group, you can do so here.

There may be another day left of the conference, but it’s already clear to see just how much the Ethereum ecosystem has matured and advanced since the last event in March of 2020. It’s easy to forget that Eth is still very much in its infancy and developmental stages despite how sophisticated contemporary projects have become and it’s exciting to consider what the future may hold.

Bon journée, EthCC. See you all bright and early tomorrow for day three.

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