Unveiling YAP Global’s New Look

In the ever-evolving world of crypto and Web3 technologies, standing still is not an option. As YAP Global marks its fifth year, we’re embracing change, looking ahead, and proudly unveiling our refreshed brand look.

The Journey So Far

It seems like just yesterday that Samantha Yap laid the foundation for YAP Global back in 2018. The bear market after the ICO crash posed challenges, but it also presented an opportunity. An opportunity to bridge the communication gap between quality journalism and emerging Web3 technologies. Thus, YAP Global was born with a mission—becoming the ‘crypto translators’ the industry needed.

Over the past five years, our team’s dedication and hard work have resulted in:

  • A robust global presence across continents.
  • Collaborations with some of the industry’s biggest names like Lido and ENS.
  • Partnerships with major crypto conferences like EthCC and ETHDenver.

Why the Rebrand

We’re deeply proud of our journey and milestones to date, but we’re not ones to rest on our laurels. In crypto, it’s essential to stay ahead. Our updated brand captures both the essence of our achievements and our vision for an exciting, innovative future.

Our original look and branding served its purpose, marking our initial journey. But as we’ve grown and evolved, so has our vision for YAP Global. This rebrand is more than just a visual refresh—it’s a reflection of who we are today and a nod to where we aim to be tomorrow.

What’s Next for YAP Global?

Our commitment to excellence remains unwavering. As we continue bridging the gap between quality journalism and Web3, expect YAP Global to take even bolder strides in the industry. We’re gearing up to expand our team, diversify our services, and make an even more significant impact.

“I can’t express how proud I am of the YAP Global team and everything we’ve achieved together since 2018. This new look signifies not just growth but evolution. It represents our aspirations and our continued commitment to the industry. 🌏❤️ – Samantha Yap, Founder & CEO

Change is the only constant, especially in an industry as dynamic as ours. This rebrand marks a pivotal moment in our journey, but it’s just the beginning. With a renewed brand, a passionate team, and an unwavering commitment, YAP Global is poised for even greater horizons.

Thank you for being a part of our journey thus far. We’re excited to see where web3 and crypto go five years from now! 🥂

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