YAP Global Introduces Integrated Marketing Services With PR

The web3 and crypto industry is maturing, and so is its PR and marketing game.

We’re thrilled to introduce YAP Global Marketing Services to redefine how protocols, platforms, and projects inform and educate wider audiences about web3.

Image of Samantha Yap, Our CEO, launching our marketing service at EthCC[6]
Image of Samantha Yap, Our CEO, launching our marketing service at EthCC[6]

The Need for High-Quality Web3 Marketing Services

It’s an exciting time in the Web3 ecosystem, marked by unprecedented growth and an influx of innovative projects and protocols leading cutting-edge innovations like Zero-Knowledge technology, Layer 1, Layer 2 blockchains, and decentralised finance applications.

This promising vibrancy also presents a significant challenge: the necessity for projects to distinguish themselves. Recognising these trends and feedback from the Web3 community, we’ve identified a need for quality Web3 marketing.

Over the past six months, we’ve delved deep into the marketing needs of Web3. Informed by numerous interviews and surveys, we’ve crafted a marketing service tailored for Web3.

Tailored Marketing Solutions for Web3

We’re passionate about raising brand awareness, deepening engagement, and solidifying key messaging. Here’s a closer look at our marketing solutions:

Image of YAP Global's Social Media Audit Service

Social Media Audit: We dive into your audience’s preferences across your social platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn, ensuring your content resonates and achieves maximum engagement. From reviewing top-performing posts to analysing key competitors and spokespeople, we equip you with data-driven insights and recommendations to supercharge your social media strategy.

Image of YAP Global's Content Creation Service

Content Creation: Transform complex ideas into digestible content with YAP Global’s Content Creation Service. We craft engaging, timely content, from periodical reviews to product-focused explainers, relevant news, and announcement pieces. With a strategy driven by keyword research and audience interests, we help you lead conversations and foster connections.

Image of YAP Global's Social Media Content Service

Social Media Content: Our social media content service empowers your brand to engage, stay current and top-of-mind. We create resonating Twitter and LinkedIn posts on key announcements, insights, and community-centric content. By leveraging our service, you can convert your audience into active users, maximise PR efforts, and consistently reinforce your brand.

Image of YAP Global's Website Copy Service

Website Copy: Elevate your website’s impact with YAP Global’s Website Copy Services. We articulate your brand messages into compelling copy that not only resonates with your target audience but also drives conversions. Enjoy an improved user experience, elevated brand recognition, and robust lead generation on pivotal pages, including Landing, About Us, Careers, and Product Descriptions.

Why YAP Global?

Image of YAP Global's 2023 team

While our accomplishments and results speak volumes, hearing from those we’ve collaborated with is always refreshing. As FRAX’s Sam Kazemian puts it, “YAP Global excels in seamlessly bridging decentralised finance with mainstream media.”

Here’s what our partners have to say about their journey with us:

“YAP Global are simply the best in the business. They combine a deep understanding of crypto fundamentals with a powerful grasp of how to engage and manage the media space for protocols or projects at any stage.” – Lido Finance

“We couldn’t be more grateful to be working with YAP. The agency’s commitment to understanding our goals and the nuances of the ENS protocol has led to media coverage that resonates perfectly with our targeted audience. Their innovative strategies and strong media relationships have landed us in a wide variety of publications, significantly amplifying our brand’s reach”. – Sadaf.eth, Director of Marketing at ENS Labs

Here’s how we further stand out:

Tailored Strategies: Rather than applying a one-size-fits-all approach, we craft bespoke communication strategies tailored to each project’s aspirations.

Crypto Translators: Our expertise goes beyond being crypto-centric. We possess a nuanced understanding of both the crypto space and global communication nuances, ensuring your message is always articulate and relatable.

Integrated PR & Marketing: Our approach doesn’t just stop at PR; we intertwine it with our marketing strategies to amplify your reach.

Story-Driven Approach: Every project has a story. We ensure yours gets told and resonates deeply with your audience.

We Stay Up To Date: In the ever-shifting world of Web3 and crypto, we remain agile, keeping you ahead of the curve.

What’s Next?

In the sprawling Web3 narrative, the most impactful stories are purpose-driven and imbued with meaning. They should not just be heard but echo, inspire, and foster genuine engagements.

At YAP Global, our vision is clear: crafting trustworthy and meaningful stories that demystify emerging technology. We won’t just amplify your voice; we’ll make it an unforgettable anthem in the digital landscape.

Let’s get your story heard. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation.

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