Case StudIES

Lido: Showing Commitment To Decentralisation


Lido Finance attracted a significant amount of scrutiny for being perceived as a centralising force for Ethereum. This criticism overshadowed their good work and impacted their reputation. 

The main objective is to highlight Lido Finance’s commitment to Ethereum and its role in promoting and preserving decentralisation within the ecosystem.


A targeted press release that emphasised Lido Finance’s efforts towards Ethereum’s decentralisation via Lido’s V2, new Staking Router and effective on-ramp for onboarding new node operators to the protocol. 

This demonstrated that Lido was committed to the success of Ethereum and taking active steps to encourage and facilitate decentralisation.


Extensive coverage across tier 1 crypto publications, which helped to shift the narrative around their role in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Lido’s commitment as a valuable contributor to the Ethereum ecosystem and decentralisation was underscored, effectively countering the initial criticism.