Case StudIES

=Nil; Foundation: Becoming A “Project To Watch”


​​The nil; Foundation, despite its deep technical expertise and involvement in some of the largest crypto protocols, had a limited media coverage footprint. 

Our goal was to leverage the media’s focus on ZK technology to elevate the nil; Foundation brand, and generate awareness about their cutting-edge technology and significant partnerships to overcome their visibility hurdle.


A PR strategy focused on identifying journalists who had a grasp of the advanced tech that Nil; Foundation was working with. 

We set up briefings with these targeted journalists to educate them about Nil Foundation’s work and its implications in the crypto space.

A key relationship was cultivated with Sam Kessler at CoinDesk, a well-respected journalist known for his understanding of complex crypto technologies.


The campaign led to multiple tier 1 crypto media coverages, including CoinDesk, The Block, and Blockworks. 

The crowning achievement was a feature in CoinDesk’s “Projects to Watch 2023” column, which came along with a keynote at the prestigious Consensus event. 

This significant win was the direct result of the relationship we built with Sam Kessler, proving the effectiveness of our targeted PR approach.