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We are privileged to work with teams who are the brightest in their field and are building incredible projects.

  • MEW (MyEtherWallet)

    MEW is the world’s most popular and original free and open-source Ethereum wallet interface.

  • Zcoin

    Zcoin is a popular privacy coin which is open-source, decentralised and enables private financial transactions on the blockchain with Zerocoin Protocol.

  • Securitize

    Securitize is a US compliant platform and protocol for issuing and managing digital securities on the blockchain.

  • Bitspark

    Bitspark is a cryptocurrency exchange that aims to bring low cost and efficient settlements to cross-border transactions for the global remittance industry.

  • Bity

    Bity is a fully regulated cryptocurrency brokerage company based in Switzerland, providing leading crypto-finance services for clients all over the world

  • HIT Foundation

    HIT Foundation is a blockchain-based health data tokenisation platform and marketplace.

  • TBSx3

    TBSx3 is a blockchain-based manufacturing, distribution and logistics solution provider.

  • Crowdvilla

    Crowdvilla is blockchain-based platform that enables users to own and share holiday homes around the world.

  • Flying Carpet

    The Flyingcarpet Network provides decentralised machine learning models to extract data insights using blockchain-based incentives.

  • SugiCard

    SugiCard is a cryptocurrency hardware wallet that is in the form of an NFC chip bank card and works alongside a mobile application.