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YAP Cast, brought to you by YAP Global, presents its first series on The Story of Money with Samantha Yap. YAP Cast is on a mission to bridge the communication gap between emerging technology and the mainstream world.  

We create quality edutainment by bringing together engaging storytelling with informative, thought-provoking content. YAP Global is a PR agency which specialises in helping meaningful blockchain, cryptocurrency and decentralised finance teams tell their stories.

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The Context


The Context is a newsletter by YAP Global that aims to help everyone stay up-to-date with developments in Crypto, Decentralised Finance (DeFi) and Web3.0

This newsletter is not here to evangelise or criticise, but is here to add perspective and provide context by serving readers with three key top-line trends they need to know each week. 

Join us for an alternative or fresh take on angles that might often get lost in the news.


Read how we’re bridging the gap between quality journalism and emerging technologies that bring value to our world.

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