EthCC [4] is happening in July! The reunion in Paris we need

EthCC Community Conference 2021

Over the last 12 months, we’ve worked from home, distanced ourselves from friends and family, taken to wearing masks, and watched our favourite crypto conferences being cancelled one after another.

Now, finally, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Clear your diary’s because Europe’s largest annual Ethereum conference, EthCC, is back!

Across three days, on the  20th-22nd July, 2021, EthCC [4] is taking place at Maison de la Mutualite in Paris, France and YAP Global is proud to announce that we are the official media partners for the conference.

About EthCC

EthCC is the biggest yearly European Ethereum conference, an event by the community, for the community. The conference brings together influential movers & shakers, with crypto leaders unpacking a range of topics related to the Ethereum ecosystem. EthCC caters to all levels of crypto literacy in order to be as inclusive as possible.

EthCC believes that sharing and transmitting knowledge is the most efficient way to develop a positive and thriving ecosystem. In 2020, EthCC[3] saw 240 talks and workshops that covered topics including Blockchain for Good, Crypto Economics, Developer Tools, Ethereum 2.0, and Governance. Over three days, a massive 1,100 people were welcomed to listen to 250 speakers.

And this year is set to be even better!

The road to EthCC[4]

EthCC[4] will be a much needed physical reunion in the midst of a year of ETH all time highs, the explosion of the NFT market and the Total Value Locked in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) reaching $172 billion

In the past year the technological advancements for Ethereum have been immense, internally with the successful launch of ETH2.0 in December 2020 and the approval of EIP-1559 to create deflationary ETH supply, and externally with the adoption of multiple layer 2 solutions, which have minimised transaction fees and optimised network speed.

There have also been huge in-roads in Ethereum adoption by mainstream finance, with Paypal introducing ETH as a payment option and Visa settling stablecoin transactions on the Ethereum blockchain.

Who’s Speaking?

EthCC[4] will feature presentations and workshops on the above mentioned developments as well as the future outlook on the industry, led by renowned thought leaders in crypto and blockchain. 

Headline speakers at this year’s event include Stani Kulechov, founder and CEO of Polygon-based protocol Aave; Tegan Kline, Business Lead at blockchain data indexer The Graph; Jordi Baylina, Technical Lead at Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution Hermez; Adrian Brink, Founder of layer one blockchain network Anoma, Hsuan-Ting Chu, CEO and founder at DeFi building block service Furucombo and our very own YAP Global founder & CEO, Samantha Yap.

Martin Lundfall Ethereum Foundation, Tim Beiko ConsenSys, Tegan Kline The Graph, Makoto Inoue, Jordi Baylina Hermez, Emilio Frangella Aave, Mel Gelderman Monolith, Alon Muroch, Masha Moosavi Concordia University, hadrien Croubois IExec, Henri Pihkala Strreamr, Maksim Izmaylov Winding Tree
Pedro Gomes WalletConnect, Simona Pop Status, Paula Petitit Linu Las, Stani Kulechov Aave, Riccardo Persiani Monolith, Nick Kritikos ConsenSys, Christian Reitwiessner Ethereum Foundation, Shayan Eskandari Consensys Diligence COncordia University, Eduardo Antuna DAppNode, Sonja Prstec Near Foundation, Hsuan-Ting Chu Furucombo, Bruno Skvorc Web3 Foundation
Gauther Zuppinger, Aleksander Larsen Axie Infinity, Dr. Steven Waterhouse Orchid, Rosco Kalis General protocols, Brianna Montgomery ConsenSys Diligence, Anna Stone, Aidan Hyman ChainSafe systems, Kris Decoodt Etherem Explorder, Brenda Loya Tellor, Christoph Jentzsch Blockchains LLC, Franziska Heintel Ethereum Foundation, Abigael Titcomb Radicle
Stefaan Ponnet Avado, Will Harbone DeversiFi, Ambre Soubiran Kaiko, William George Kleros, Ajit Kumar Tripathi Aave, Clara Medalie Kaiko, Shiv Malik Pool Foundation, Marc Taverner Inatba, Ayesha Kiani LedgerPrime, Markus Franke CLabs, Cyril Vignet BPCE, John Adler LazyLedger
Konstatin Kladko Skale Labs, Rebecca Mqamelo Grassroots Economics, Harsh Rajat Ethereum Push Notification Service (EPNS), Luc Jodet Arianee, Ferit Tuncer Kleros, Samantha YAP YAP Global, Federico Ast Cooperative Kleros, Sacha Ghebali Kaiko, Solange Gueiros IOVLabs, Fabrise Croiseaux Infrachain, Claudia Bartoli Witnet Foundation, Giles Fedak IExec


Following the success of last year’s event, EthVC will be returning thanks to the team at Kaiko and EthCC. EthVC provides opportunity for investors to connect with quality blockchain projects that don’t have investors in their network, all whilst becoming part of, and engaging with, the community.

Last year, over 90 startups applied with 30 selected to enter the VC track. Among them, 30% have fundraised since then, including Celo, Dune Analytics, Tenderly, and The Sandbox.

Leading VCs such as Althemis, Point9 Capital, Kima Ventures, BPI and many more are already confirmed for EthVC. 

A special part of EthVC this year is the opportunity for startups to seek personalised PR advice from the YAP Global team.

Startups can apply for the program by first submitting their application to be a speaker at EthCC, here

If you haven’t got your ticket yet, head over to the EthCC website to grab yours today and be part of the Ethereum community in one of the world’s most vibrant cities! We’ll see you there!

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