• AMM - Automated Market Maker - A trading mechanism that provides liquidity to decentralised exchanges (DEXs), helping users to trade and exchange cryptocurrencies without a middleman. 
  • Blockchain - A digital database that has revolutionised how transactions work. It intends to provide a safe and secure mode of transacting by using digital cryptocurrencies that cannot be manipulated by anyone.
  • Censorship Resistance - With an increased lack of privacy and trust in the internet, people are turning to Web3 for its decentralized nature and high level of censorship resistance...
  • Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) - As the world continues to digitise, many countries are beginning to test different ideas for digitising their economies. One such idea that is inspired by the advent of digital assets are central bank digital currencies (CBDCs)...
  • Cross-chain bridge - One of blockchain’s many benefits is that it is a secure, self-contained ledger. However, this means that the networks do not typically interact with each other.
  • Decentralised Science (DeSci) - A scientific approach where information and data are shared openly and transparently. This allows for a more collaborative and democratic approach to scientific research.
  • Ethereum - A decentralized open-source blockchain network that enables users to make transactions and trades, stake tokens, play games, and utilize NFTs. Ethereum transactions are verified on the blockchain through smart contacts, removing the need for a third party.