Team Profile

Jonathan Yap

Senior Account Manager
Jonathan holds the position of Senior Account Manager at YAP Global, where he will be focused on coordinating client relationships and driving strategic PR initiatives.

His professional journey has seen him work predominantly across public relations agencies, with a particular emphasis on B2B technology. This specialised focus has allowed him to hone his skills and gain comprehensive insights into the industry dynamics. Over the years, he has partnered with technology brands such as Huawei, Alipay, and BlackBerry, formulating and executing forward-thinking PR strategies that resonate with their business objectives across the APAC region.

Jonathan, a believer in the potential of blockchain, sees this decentralised technology as a catalyst for enhancing security and privacy in digital transactions. He’s excited about how blockchain can redefine users’ approach to their digital security, and he’s keen on using his expertise to contribute to this transformative shift in the digital landscape.

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