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MEW 40x40

Kosala Hemachandra, Founder & CEO at MEW

“YAP Global do an excellent job at breaking down the complexities of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies into easy to understand media content and then securing media results in top tier publications.”

Beatriz Medina, Project Manager at Bity

“YAP Global are very reachable, communicative and patient. They know how to remain calm or when is the right moment to strike back so they make sure our voice is being heard but under our own terms.”

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Reuben Yap, COO of Zcoin

“YAP Global live’s up to their acronym “Your Angle Presented”. They take the time to understand the subject matter even if it can be technical and really give it their all not only in crafting but also in promoting the material.”

Dan Roberts, COO at Flyingcarpet

“YAP Global” have formulated professional and clear messaging for us at Flyingcarpet. They have been able to articulate the complexities of the challenges that lie ahead for us, which is no easy feat!”


Mark Toohey, CEO & Founder at TBSx3

“It is crucial that a PR team understands both the technology and the industry and YAP Global ticks both boxes. They worked hard to understand our objectives and helped us chart a PR path forward. They are an essential part of our team.”

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