YAP Global and ETHDenver 2024 to lead the Web3 Media Narrative

ETHDenver 2024 is just around the corner, and YAP Global is returning to the forefront as the official PR partner for the event. As one of the largest and most influential Web3 events, ETHDenver is an intersection of ideas, innovation, and community. From February 23 to March 3, 2024, ETHDenver will welcome over 20,000 attendees and 600 speakers.

The event will offer a platform for hackathons, panels, and keynotes that delve into the latest Web3 trends and innovations. Attendees can expect a strong line of speakers including Hester Peirce, Commissioner of US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on US crypto policy and regulations, Li Jin, Co-Founder and General Partner at Variant on DeFi lending, Jesse Pollak, Creator of Base on the future of CeDeFi , Christine Kim, VP of Research of Galaxy on value accrual from L1 to L2, Nick White, COO of Celestia on data availability, amongst many more. 

The crypto world has navigated through its fair share of turbulence in the past year. From high-profile shake-ups such as the prosecution of Sam Bankman-Fried and Changpeng Zhao, to major industry milestones like the approval of a Bitcoin Spot ETF and sweeping regulatory shifts, 2023 was a big year for the industry. Moving forward into 2024 and anticipating a bull run, the narrative surrounding cryptocurrency and blockchain must change from negative public sentiment to a more positive tone. The challenges of misconception and misinterpretation faced by the industry, underscore the growing importance of effective communication and nuanced storytelling. 

As the industry matures and garners mainstream recognition, it becomes increasingly necessary for industry members to demystify complex concepts, counteract negative sentiments, and create a deeper understanding and trust in emerging technologies. Being the PR partner for ETHDenver, YAP Global is proud to spearhead the sharing of insights, innovations, and discussions that emerge from ETHDenver, showcasing the versatility and impact of Web3

ETHDenver 2024 will be welcoming journalists from around the world, including mainstream, local, technology, finance and crypto publications, to explore key topics such as improving user experience and setting new standards for UX developments to drive Web3 mainstream adoption. With engaging discussions around predicted 2024 Web3 trends, such as greater crypto mainstream integration, the rise of real-world asset tokenization, and the development of L2’s, YAP Global will actively help shape the event’s narrative. 

YAP Global looks forward to bridging the gap between the innovators at the heart of blockchain and the broader public. By managing press rooms, facilitating meaningful connections between journalists and project founders, and ensuring that the breakthroughs from ETHDenver reach a global audience, YAP Global is guiding the conversation in a market ripe with potential. Complementing this, ETHDenver 2024 has partnered with a strong array of media outlets including Bankless, Blockworks, CoinDesk, Cointelegraph, CryptoNews, Decrypt, DL News, The Defiant, and Unchained

As we gear up for ETHDenver 2024, it’s evident that the event represents more than just a gathering. It’s a focal point for the future of Web3, a melting pot of ideas and a beacon for the community. With the crypto industry growing at an exponential rate, effective communication becomes paramount for the long-term sustainability of the space. YAP Global is thrilled for this opportunity to create compelling narratives and play a part in changing the perception of the Web3 industry. 

For journalists interested in attending EthDenver, please apply for a press pass via this form. If you’re part of a project looking to improve your PR exposure, feel free to fill out a contact form enquiry

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