Down the DeFi rabbit hole with YAP Global & friends in London

A recap from our TOKEN2049 2021 drinks reception The TOKEN2049 conference in London was a welcomed reunion for members of our community to celebrate all things decentralised finance and reconnect with friends from across the globe. We were all encouraged to ‘fall down the DeFi rabbit role’ as we hosted the leaders of the crypto, […]

“When I think about crypto, one word that immediately springs to mind is innovation” – On The Record with Leila Stein, features editor at BeInCrypto

Welcome to ‘On The Record’ with YAP Global – a series where we speak to the journalists behind the stories that keep you up-to-date on the pulse of the digital asset, DeFi, blockchain and cryptocurrency industry Fittingly for a reporter covering the tempestuously unpredictable cryptocurrency space, Leila Stein leads a life that’s fundamentally characterised by […]

S1E12 YAP Cast: Can DeFi be the Better Financial System?

Can DeFi Be The Better Financial System? Will the so-called trustless nature of decentralised finance really work because we need to trust code which we don’t understand? In our latest, and final episode, on season one of YAP Cast, we’re again joined by Felix Martin, the author of ‘Money: The Unauthorised Biography’ where we talk […]

S1E11 YAP Cast: Why do Financial Crises Happen?

Why Do Financial Crisis Happen? Bitcoin, which was created in 2008 and is now considered digital gold, is a move toward hard currency, but where does it sit following the 2008 and 2009 crises? In our latest episode on YAP Cast, we’re joined by Felix Martin, the author of ‘Money: The Unauthorised Biography’ where we […]

S1E10 YAP Cast: Why is it So Hard to Move Money?

Why is it So Hard to Move Money? Some say that Bitcoin comes from the idea of the Hawala ecosystem. Both don’t need a trusted central authority to function and have faced down the steely glare of regulators. With such a system in place, do the unbanked need crypto if they have Hawala? In our […]

S1E9 YAP Cast: Where is Debt Heading?

Where is Debt Heading? Debt is something that many of us live with. There’s good debt and there’s bad debt, but where is it heading today and how does DeFi fit in? In our latest episode on YAP Cast, we focus on where debt is heading. To talk more about this, we’re again joined by […]

S1E7 YAP Cast: The Art of Borrowing and Lending Money

The Art of Borrowing and Lending Money Should banks lend to people knowing they may struggle to repay the money back? Should interest be charged? And how can decentralised lending solve the issue of bringing equality of money back to people who are discriminated against with current systems? In our latest episode on YAP Cast, […]

S1E6 YAP Cast: Money as a Social Construct

Money as a Social Construct How much does money play a role in impacting our social lives today? And is it an abstract thing or something functional that many prefer not talking about? In our latest episode on YAP Cast, we turn our attention to money as a social construct and what this actually means. […]

Introducing the Story of Money by YAP Cast

Hi, I’m Samantha Yap, and I like to identify as a journalist at heart. I’m a storyteller and I like to document things. This sets the premise for why I decided to create YAP Cast, presented by YAP Global, and kick it off with the series on the Story of Money. I’m the founder of […]

George Harrap, Former CEO of Bitspark, joins YAP Global as ‘Head of DeFi’

George brings a wealth of experience having built the first crypto remittance startup in the world, Bitspark; 6 cryptocurrency exchanges both centralised and decentralised; launched 12 stablecoins; raising millions from VC and corporate investors along the way. With the media spotlight back on the crypto industry, growing institutional interest in Bitcoin as an asset class